Seattle On Verge Of Being A ‘Lost City’ After Extremists Win Primaries, Residents Soon May Get The ‘Unlawfulness’ They Voted For

Antifa supporting Seattle City Attorney Candidate Nicole Thomas-Kennedy vows to demolish office, not prosecute misdemeanor crimes



Nicole Thomas-Kennedy could soon destroy Seattle as we know it.

Thomas-Kennedy is a police and prison abolitionist who wants to dismantle the Seattle City Attorney’s Office. She is a former public defender who says most misdemeanor crimes should not be prosecuted. And given her support for so-called anti-fascists, she’s better labeled the Antifa Candidate.

Thomas-Kennedy won the primary for Seattle City Attorney, ousting a three-term incumbent who rarely prosecutes crimes. She now faces Ann Davison, a moderate Republican lawyer and arbitrator.

Thomas-Kennedy may very well be the most extreme, fringe candidate running for office in the entire country. But in Seattle, she seems to fit right in. Even a cursory glance of Thomas-Kennedy’s Twitter feed provides a terrifying look at what drives her activism.

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