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Video: Two Wacko Members Of An Extreme Leftist Organization Try To Destroy A Famous Van Gogh Painting Just To Grab Attention

Liberals hate everything that doesn’t fit their narrative and view of the world, so violence and destruction is their end goal


(Daily Caller) Just when you thought you could wake up Friday and not choose violence, the Twitterverse erupted over a video of two stupid, glorified children throwing paint at one of the most beautiful paintings ever created because they have no idea how climate change works.

Remember that trend where libs tried to cancel the word “stupid” because they thought it was hurtful? Well, it turns out that it’s probably the most accurate word to describe the so-called “activists” (criminals) who thought it would be helpful to throw Heinz tomato soup on Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers” at the National Gallery in London and then glue themselves to the frame.


Thankfully, the painting was unharmed, according to the National Gallery, but the rage inside of my soul at seeing yet another dumbass who doesn’t understand climate change do something like this really set me off this morning.

My biggest question is not what the fuck is wrong with these kids. I want to know exactly what their parents did to mess up this badly and raise such insolent, stupid, spoiled and pointless members of our species. Only by learning from these mistakes do we have a hope of raising future generations with an intrinsic sense of right and wrong, respect, and hard work.


In a follow-up video, one of these clowns yells out to the gallery “What’s worth more, art or life?” Bless her heart. Clearly an adult hasn’t explained to her that even if we all stopped “polluting” the world right now, weather and nature would still be in a constant state of flux.

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