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Virginia Democrats Have Brainwashed Themselves Into The ‘LGBTQ Cult,’ Want Changes To The Law That Are Anti-Parent

Democrats think they know what’s best for children, not their parents

AP Photo/Matthew Barakat

(TownHall) I’m going to be friendly to Democrats for a second and posit that most of them don’t believe in this “pronoun/all the kids should become trans” fad engulfing their party. Then again, the people they keep sending to Congress and state legislatures appear to be all for snorting this woke powder up their noses while giving zero forethought to how this looks to average voters.

Democrats in some very blue parts of the country are not on board with this nonsense, especially LGBT issues related to child health care. They’re leaving the party, fed up with the hyper-focus on cultural warfare instead of the issues that matter to most Americans, like inflation and the economy. You could guess why the national party abstains from commenting on these top issues. They have nothing to run on, having caused the economic recession.


But the latest insanity from the “woke” left brings us to Virginia, where state Democrats want to change the child abuse laws to include parents who use improper pronouns, among other things. It’s being proposed in the upcoming session of the legislature (via WJLA):



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