He’s No Conservative, But Hollywood Actor Wants To Get Out The Truth About The Democratic Party

Cusack calls Democrats ‘full of shit,’ says they’ve been selling out the working class for decades


(Townhall) He may have starred in the film “Better Off Dead,” but that sentiment carries into his political views concerning today’s Democratic Party. No, John Cusack isn’t becoming a conservative. I wouldn’t even say that Bill Maher is more to the right of Mr. Cusack on some issues, though Maher remains decidedly liberal. But the prolific actor is at a point where he can say anything, and he did not hold back, ripping the Democratic Party for being “full of s**t” for selling out the working class.

His recent posts on Twitter torch the entire ‘uniparty’ establishment. Most voters feel the economic system is rigged against them. Yet, Cusack warns these factors are making for another Trump win in 2024. He is right about the Democratic Party, he, as predicted, has gone off the rails about Trump, supporting his impeachment over his handling of the COVID pandemic of all things (via Fox News):




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