Tone Deaf: Hollywood Cyberbully Chrissy Teigen Issues Public Apology But Amazingly Doesn’t Apologize Directly To Those She Offended

Regardless of the apology, the self-admitted ‘troll’ still has a lot of learning to do

Chrissy Teigen broke her silence on her ongoing cyberbullying scandal on Monday with a lengthy apology on Medium. Credit: Getty Images


“Teen Mom” alum Farrah Abraham early Tuesday posted a response to Chrissy Teigen’s lengthy post on Monday addressing her cyberbullying scandal.

Abraham, 30, was one of multiple young stars Teigen once harshly criticized online, going as far to call the reality TV star a “w—e” in a 2013 tweet. In a post of her own on Medium on Tuesday morning, Abraham says she still has yet to receive a direct apology from the “Cravings” cookbook author despite Teigen’s written intention on Monday of reaching out to all of the people she’s targeted online.

“As you’re asking yourself ‘Did Chrissy ever apologize to Farrah’, hypocritically as such at this time no she has not. As a reminder Chrissy ended her light hearted post, so similarly as her past remarks with taking care of her family and herself. So I understand the time it will take to really be beyond her past behavior,” Abraham penned.

“I don’t believe only I deserve a confident apology like the other strong woman today. I truly have no one else taking care of my family, I realistically need time for myself who must take time psychologically from my doctors orders to be the strong woman I need to be to keep this life going I’ve fought so hard for.”

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