Video: Actor Rob Schneider Stands Up To Leftist Ideology, Says ‘I Don’t Care About My Career,’ I’m ‘Willing To Lose Everything’

Schneider was asked the question knowing that Hollywood targets conservatives

(DailyWire) Actor and comedian Rob Schneider said that he was “absolutely” willing to lose everything for what he believes in.

Schneider spoke with Glenn Beck for Monday’s episode of “The Glenn Beck Podcast,” and Beck asked Schneider point blank whether he was prepared for his beliefs to get him canceled and cost him everything.


“Are you willing to lose it all for what you believe?” Beck asked.

Schneider did not even take a moment to think before he reacted: “Absolutely. Because if we don’t have it, then we have nothing.”

“I’m not — I don’t care about my career anymore,” Schneider continued. “I care about my children’s — the country they’re going to live in.”

“And my hope is this — my hope is a beautiful story,” Schneider went on to tell a story about American fighter pilots during the early days of World War II, who after a particularly grueling period, had lost a number of their friends in combat. They went to the chaplain and asked him why they should continue to fly into battle if so many of them were just flying into the jaws of death.

“This is like the dog days, 1942, late ’42, and like — their friends were getting blown out of the sky,” Schneider explained. “They would go over in the bombers and half would come back, two thirds would come back, you know, but they were dying.”

After an especially rough period, Schneider said that they went to the Air Force chaplain and asked why they should continue to fly. He noted that they never said they weren’t prepared to keep flying — only that they wanted to understand why they should.


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