Video: Left-Wing Activist, Actor Sean Penn Says Stay Home, Don’t Come Watch His New Movie Or Show Unless Your Fully Vaccinated

Those on the right who are unvaccinated, probably have no interest anyway


Actor Sean Penn told CNN on Saturday that people shouldn’t show up to see him, either in movie theaters or live, unless they are fully vaccinated. Penn told interviewer Michael Smerconish, “I am so grateful that audiences — and yes, we’ll come around to that, I would request only vaccinated audiences — have an opportunity to see this theatrically.”

“It’s rare these days to have something that is exclusively theatrical. Eventually it will stream, and that’s a better time for the unvaccinated to see it, though I think I’ll probably offend them out of that choice.”

Penn then went further, saying that people who are not vaccinated shouldn’t show up to see the movie either. “I do request people who are not vaccinated don’t go to the cinemas. Stay home until you are convinced of these very clearly safe vaccines.”

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