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Video: Martha Stewart Pockets Pfizer’s ‘Blood’ Money To Hock COVID Booster Shots, Not Caring About The Dangerous Side-Effects, Deaths Caused By The Vaccine

The 30 second commercial doesn’t even mention the long list of potential side-effects

(PJ Media) Because the vax is set to hit the consumer market and the government will no longer fully subsidize the multinational corporation’s profits, it’s time to move some “safe and effective” product into the private sector.

To that end, Pfizer produced a bizarre TV ad featuring, fittingly, convicted felon Martha Stewart.


The ad opens in a kitchen with Martha sharpening a samurai sword. “You know that unwelcome guest everyone wishes would just leave already? That’s COVID-19,” she says.


“That’s why I got the new, updated booster designed to help protect against recent omicron variants,” she continues as she points the sword menacingly at the viewer. For unexplained reasons, she then slices a pineapple on the counter with her sword before revealing a sexy band-aid over her injection site boo-boo. Ostensibly there’s some symbolic intent in the plot, but it looks like nonsense.

“Got booster?” the commercial closes, apparently in allusion to the iconic Got Milk? commercials of yesteryear.

Take note of the lawyerly weasel phrasing: “designed… to protect” instead of “proven to protect” and “help protect” instead of “protect.” Before the Animal Farm pigs repainted the barn, “vaccines” used to be fully sterilizing bits of dead virus that reliably produced immunity to the targeted pathogen at nearly perfect rates. Pfizer’s non-sterilizing mRNA shot is totally different with a novel mechanism of action, which is why the social engineers simply changed the definition of “vaccine.”

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