AMC Theatres Caves To LGBTQ Cultists, Cancels De-Transitioner Film Following De-Platforming Campaign From Trans Group

Producers say those behind the de-platforming campaign have yet to view the film

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(Daily Wire) AMC Theatres abruptly canceled a film showcasing the voices of young people who have de-transitioned after having hormone therapy and surgeries to purportedly “affirm” their “gender identity.”

No Way Back: The Reality of Gender-Affirming Care” was set for initial release on June 21 in dozens of theaters across the country. Producers of the film say AMC caved to the pressure of a de-platforming campaign by a transgender group called the Queer Trans Project, which has not had access to view the full film.


The Daily Wire reached out to AMC Theatres about the cancellation but did not receive a response.

“The ‘QT Project’s’ inference of detransitioning as ‘conversion therapy’ is a weak, underhanded attempt to conflate detransitioning with that despicable and sometimes devastating practice of the past,” said a statement from Deplorable Films, the distributor of “No Way Back.” “It might be worth noting here that [there’s] an infamously repressive theocracy on the other side of the globe where ‘gender-affirming’ surgery is the only option given to gay men and women, who may otherwise be executed under law.”

The distribution company added, “Perhaps they are on the payroll of those who profit from this – so much of what they are doing is resulting in the creation of life-long surgical and pharmaceutical patients are doing so to great benefit of certain surgical clinics and pharmaceutical companies.”

“It is quite evident that those undertaking this crusade against this film have not had the courtesy of seeing it before taking such extreme actions to silence it,” Deplorable Films added.

Along with medical professionals, the film features five young people who have de-transitioned. One person in the film, a 26-year-old man named Abel, spoke to The Daily Wire about his transition to female as a teenager and then his de-transition.

“I would tell anyone who wants to transition, especially the young boys who think life would be easier because they are the perfect image of a masculine male, that the transition will not save them,” Abel told The Daily Wire.

“It would actually destroy their lives. Actually, take a step back and think about this for a while,” he continued. “And even if that is what they think they want— the actual negative side effects, nobody will tell you.”

A young woman named Laura, who appears in “No Way Back,” told The Daily Wire she took a high dose of testosterone and removed her healthy breasts by way of a double mastectomy before de-transitioning at 22 years old.

“I’m a very vocal advocate of complete bans for transition procedures for minors, both medical and social, because children are not developed,” Laura said. “They do not have the brains or bodies to be able to make long-term decisions about their reproductive and sexual health, and they just are not able to consent to these long-term procedures.”




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