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Open Wide: ‘Call Of Duty’ Gamers Have Pride Month Slammed Down Their Throats By The Rainbow Mafia, New Skins Unveiled For Pride Month

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(Daily Caller) Gamers. They targeted Gamers.

We should all be used to the rainbow brigade ruining everything by now. Even normal Americans who aren’t homophobic or hateful towards other in the slightest have to be annoyed by the bombardment of rainbow logos, pride pandering and excessive sexualization of everything that happens each June.

here have always been a few safe havens though. Certain corners of the culture have survived through thick and thin to retain their gritty masculine Americana ways.

Gaming itself has long been compromised, but ol’ reliable, Call of Duty, has always been where the boys can congregate, burn hours and hours of their lives away and say heinous things to each other over voice chat.

No longer. The LGBT army has won. Call of Duty now has #Pride.

The game released seven new weapon skins this month that players can use to decorate their guns, based on the various letters of the intersectional alphabet. Guns can now be traditional pride, bisexual, lesbian, nonbinary, pansexual, transgender or asexual themed.

Furthermore, some players have reported that there are “transgender bullets” in the game that have the appearance of the transgender pride flag.

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