The ‘Price Is Right’ Celebrate It’s 50th Anniversary, Here’s What You Might Not Know About The Shows ‘Big Wheel’

Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS Broadcasting, Inc.


Attention big spinners: Come on down to Yahoo Entertainment’s virtual Price is Right experience!

To celebrate the 50th season of the beloved daytime game show, we’re giving fans the opportunity to take its world-famous Big Wheel for a spin via augmented reality. Click on the experience below for your own chance to hit the $1 spot, with the encouragement of Price is Right announcer, George Gray. You can even use your mobile device to put the Big Wheel, as well as a Showcase Showdown podium, in your own space so you don’t have to make the trip to the show’s studio in sunny Los Angeles.

The other nice thing about this virtual version of the Big Wheel is that it doesn’t require any arm strength to spin.

“It’s heavy, and I don’t mean like in that late ’60s ‘heavy, brother’ way,” Gray tells Yahoo Entertainment about the 2,000 pound wheel. “It weighs a lot! There are people who can’t get it to go around a single rotation. You gotta put a little muscle into it.”

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