‘The View’ Hosts Somehow Believe Mocking Kamala Harris’s Laughing Fits Is ‘Racism’ And ‘Misogyny’

Since when is stupidity protected by the color of your skin?


According to some members of “The View” daytime talk show on Friday, any critic who watched Vice President Kamala Harris laugh when asked a serious question about Ukrainian refugees amidst the Russian invasion are likely right-wing sexist bigots for expressing embarrassment and mocking the bizarre laughting fits.

Former Vice President Mike Pence is frequently brought up as a counterargument to those who believe the Harris laugh situation is cringe-worthy.

The incident itself happened at the tail end of a press conference on Thursday between the US vice president and Polish president Andrzej Duda. A reporter asked Harris if America would be capable of accepting more Ukrainian refugees, and then asked Duda if that was something he brought up already with her.

Since the reporter asked a question to both of them, the pair of world leaders ended up staring at each other for a moment unsure who would go first.

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