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U.S. Government Continues To Lie About Ukrainian BioLabs, Now Says Russia Could Use What They Find As Bioweapons

Trusting the U.S. government lately is like trusting your worst enemy

Credit: NewsTarget


The Biden regime has consistently denied the existence of U.S. biolabs in Ukraine. The regime’s Ministry of Propaganda (the fact-checkers) have repeatedly “debunked” the existence of these biolabs. Anyone who questioned this narrative is swiftly labeled “a tool of Putin” or a Russian disinformation source.

The truth is: The Department of Defense (DoD) built a network of biolabs across Ukraine. Victoria Nuland, the Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs testified at a Senate hearing that the biolabs do, in fact, exist. U.S. virologists are conducting experiments on highly dangerous pathogens of pandemic potential. Nuland is concerned that this research would fall into the hands of the Russians.

The intent of the biolabs is not publicized or well-known. The U.S. continues to fund gain-of-function research, weaponizing pathogens for predatory vaccine development. Suspiciously, the official U.S. embassy website recently removed important fact sheets about the construction and finances of these biolabs. Russia has convened a U

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