Twitter Explodes As CNN Brings Back Jeffrey ‘Masterbater’ Toobin – Who Himself Was Trying To Explode On His Last Zoom Call

‘This man must’ve had some dirt on somebody with power ’cause this is just beyond,’ one critic reacted



Twitter had a meltdown after disgraced CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin made his first on-air appearance after he was fired from the New Yorker over his Zoom masturbation scandal last fall.

“At least @CNN is honest now about having no journalistic standards whatsoever. Such honesty must be freeing!” National Review contributor Pradheep J. Shanker reacted.

“This is garbage,” Meghan McCain of “The View” slammed the network. “Why does the media protect these old white male dinosaurs in this industry? No woman on PLANET EARTH would be welcomed back on network tv after being caught masturbating in front of her colleagues.”

“Never thought I’d see a network effort to rehabilitate a guy caught yanking it in front of female colleagues, but ‘this is CNN,’” radio host Dana Loesch tweeted.

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