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Video: Documentary ‘Died Suddenly’ Goes Viral, Shines Light On The Increased Number Of Fibrous Blood Clots In The Vaccinated

It looked like ‘blood on beach sand, it was sticking to the table.’


(LifeSiteNews) A new documentary called “Died Suddenly” has received more than three million views in less than 24 hours.

The documentary was produced by the Stew Peters Network and was released on Rumble.


Throughout the film, the viewer is shown various testimonials of embalmers from around the English-speaking world who all attest to a proliferation of fibrous clots found in the veins of numerous deceased individuals who were vaccinated with an experimental COVID jab.

One of the embalmers profiled in the film, Robert Hirschmann, will be familiar to viewers who have followed the mounting testimony about the strange clotting. Hirschmann has been public about his experience with the fibrous growths in the deceased for months.

As well as explaining the types of clots he has found, he also showed his collection of the clots he has removed from bodies, and the images are striking.

One of the reasons he became curious about what might be found in vaccinated individuals was his discovery that it was often the case that vaccinated blood had a sand-like texture to it, which he discovered while draining patients for burial.

It “looks like the blood is dirty,” he said, “almost like it has little find grains of sand.”

Another embalmer with over a decade of experience echoed Hirshmann’s thoughts, saying that it looked like “blood on beach sand, it was sticking to the table.”

When Hirschmann was asked why he and so many other embalmers decided to come forward, he explained that if they didn’t, then no one could, given that after they have been buried, there can be no investigation. “The dead can’t speak for themselves,” he said.

Not every embalmer was able to be open about their experience, including one Canadian and an American embalmer who said that although he could lose his business it was important to speak out in some way. “We’re connecting dots here,” he said.  “It certainly appears that there’s some relationship to the vaccine and these obstructions that we’re seeing.”

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