Well Deserved: Woke Scooby-Doo Spinoff ‘Velma’ Becomes IMDb’s Worst-Rated Animated Film Of All Time

Not The Bee

(Not The Bee) To the woke writers who thought it was a good idea to turn Velma into an antiracist lesbian in the new Scoob spinoff:


Your series has massively failed!

Not quite sure how that happened…



IMDb’s worst-rated animated series of all time!

Now, I know exactly how leftist media will respond to this, because they’re as predictable as the sunrise. I bet the headline over at Vox would read something like, “Is It Time To Acknowledge The White Supremacist Roots Of Film Critique?”


Seriously, they would come up with some hogwash like that.

But we here at Not the Bee, we live in the real world. And we think this series is getting terrible ratings because, well, it’s terrible.

Just how terrible is IMDb’s worst-rated animated series of all time?



1.3 out of 10!

A few things I found on the internet:


Just for fun, let’s look at the Rotten Tomatoes score:

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