Woke Warner Brothers Protecting Black Criminals, Changes Velma’s Character So She Can No Longer Call Police In Scooby-Doo Game Cuz ‘Racism’

Liberals continue to protect black criminals in this country. using racism as an excuse

Not The Bee

(Not The Bee) The internet has decided that Velma from Scooby Doo is the new Karen. Or maybe the original Karen, it’s not clear. But regardless of whether she’s the OG or not, 34 people signed a petition for Warner Brothers to change Velma’s superpower in the MultiVersus fighting game, and Warner Brothers listened.


The petition bemoaned:


So basically, because Velma’s character’s move in the game was calling the police, as Scooby-Doo and the gang typically did upon solving a mystery, this made her character in the game extremely problematic. Well at least for the 34 users who cared enough to sign the petition.

The petition started after a few people complained on Twitter about Velma being a “real Karen” (AOL defined Karen in this instance as “a term coined by the internet to refer to a white woman who uses their status and power to humiliate a person of color”).


This reads like a joke to me, but I guess some people took it seriously, because Warner Brothers’ latest update to the game removes this feature from the game, and instead Velma now calls the Mystery Machine for backup.

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