Early Benchmark Test: Windows 11 Vs. Windows 10, How Did They Compare?

I downloaded Windows 11 on a budget laptop and a gaming laptop. Here’s how it went

Microsoft's Surface Laptop Go/ Credit: Dan Ackerman/CNET


The dawn of the Windows 11 era brings many questions. For now, the most pressing one may be: Will installing the Windows 11 beta screw up my system?

Having installed the current Insider Preview on several laptops, the answer so far has been no. But what about performance? Will my laptop be faster with Windows 11, because it’s better optimized? Or slower, because we’re installing a new OS on older hardware?

An official answer will have to wait for at least the final release candidate of Windows 11.

What most people have instead right now is an Insider Preview from Microsoft’s Windows Insider dev channel, which is far from complete, and full of bugs (like the ones listed here).

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