Snapchat Unveils A Little ‘Yellow Drone’ Called Pixy

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Snap Inc. might be the development team behind Snapchat, but it’s also a stealth hardware maker.

Its Spectacles lineup of smart glasses was initially released in 2016 and has seen several iterations since then, including an AR-based pair yet to be released. The company’s newest hardware innovation is the Pixy, a cute yellow drone that’s basically meant to be a flying camera.

The Pixy isn’t a big, honking piece of plastic like what we’ve seen from actual drone makers like DJI (via TechCrunch). Instead, it’s a small, pocketable device with four tiny propellers. It’s no bigger than your palm, and it weighs just 101 grams.

There’s also no controller, or even SD slot — there’s a camera dial to let you set how the drone will fly, while photos and recordings are stored in your Memories inside the Snapchat app.

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