Video: From A $9,000 Toilet To Transparent TV Screens – Some Interesting Gadgets From 2024 CES


(Not The Bee) There’s someone out there who will apparently buy this:

[Warning: One S-bomb, which oddly is somewhat appropriate given the context]

Yeah bro, this thing STARTS at $8,500 and goes up to $11,500. For that kind of money, Kohler will sell you a square box with an automatic lid and seat so you can do your business.

For the average family’s budget for a used car (who can afford new these days?), you can scroll through social media for 30 minutes on the toilet.

From The Verge:

Here’s a demo of the remote:


You don’t even have to go to some fancy shop to buy this throne of kings. You can purchase it with Prime delivery over on Amazon.

Kohler made an ad with the toilet out in the desert because why not?

The Numi 2.0 wasn’t the only thing available at CES. Kohler has a whole lineup in its “multi-sensory showing experience” for rich people who want everything in their bathroom to be connected to the internet.

Other companies tried their luck at becoming the next big thing with a foldable screen:


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