Too Risky: OpenAI Unveils AI Voice Cloning Technology That Can Copy A Voice With A 15 Second Sample

OpenAI’s Voice Engine was first developed in late 2022

(euronews) OpenAI has made its artificial intelligence (AI) even more humanly eerie with a text-to-voice tool that generates natural speech from a 15-second clip of someone’s voice to sound like the original speaker.

But even OpenAI is wary about the potential misuse of the technology and says it will not release Voice Engine publicly, with it currently only being available to early testers.


“We recognise that generating speech that resembles people’s voices has serious risks, which are especially top of mind in an election year,” the San Francisco-based company said in a statement.

Voice cloning AI technology is not new and has already been used under concerning circumstances.

Ahead of the primary vote in the United States in January, AI-generated robocalls mimicking President Joe Biden were sent to thousands of voters telling them to stay at home and abstain from voting.

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