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iSpy: iPhone Feature Allows You To Hear What Your Friends Say Behind Your Back

Credit: New York Post


Would you use an iPhone feature that allows you to hear what your friends say about you when you walk away from the table?

One woman did — and says it’s a “wonderful little hack.”

TikTok user Michelle Guo @woahguo shared her experience activating the hidden feature.

“Thinking about the time I turned on ‘live listen’ on my iPhone & left my phone on the table & walked away with my AirPods in so that I could listen to what everyone said without me being in the room,” she wrote in a video.

Live Listen was introduced in 2014 as a way for iPhone users with hearing aids to hear others more easily in noisy environments.

The setting allows an iPhone or iPad to act as a microphone, sending sound to the hearing aids.

Originally, it only worked with iPhone-compatible hearing aids but has since expanded to AirPods.

That’s how Guo was able to use it in a room with her friends.

Guo learned of the setting from the Apple website, she told the Daily Dot.

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