Libs Of TikTok Chaya Raichik Slams Southwest Airlines After Obese Passenger Takes Up Half Her Seat

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(New York Post) The founder of the popular conservative social media account “Libs of TikTok” lashed out at Southwest Airlines for allegedly allowing a “massive obese guy” encroach on her seat during a flight.

Chaya Raichik took to her personal X account, which boasts more than half-a-million followers, to vent about her travel experience Sunday.


“I’m sitting on a flight squished into the corner because this massive obese guy is taking up half my seat,” she complained. “I paid for a full seat, not 1/2 a seat.”

Photo posted by "Libs of TikTok founder" showing a man seemingly encroaching on her plane seat
“Libs of TikTok” founder Chaya Raichik took to X Sunday to shame her fellow Southwest Airlines passenger as a “massive obese guy,” complaining that he was allowed to take up half her seat. X/Chaya Raichik

Raichik supplemented her post with a photo showing her seatmate’s right leg seemingly invading her personal space.

“He is violating @SouthwestAir’s own policies,” Raichik’s rant continued. “This isn’t normal or fair. If you don’t fit in 1 seat you need to buy two seats.”

Raichik was referring to Southwest Airline’s “customers of size” policy introduced last year, which allows overweight customers whose bodies “encroach” past the armrest of their seat to request a second or even third seat free of charge.

The firebrand anti-LGBTQ+ activist tagged the airline in her post, which quickly went viral, raking in 2.8 million views as of Monday, asking what it can do about this situation.

She then followed up with more photos and posts documenting her in-flight ordeal.

“Dude was also stuffing cheeseburgers and fries down his throat and threw his trash on the floor. Disgusting fat slob,” Raichik seethed, sharing a photo of an empty Burger King soda cup resting on the floor between her and her fellow flyer.

Chaya Raichik
Raichik vowed to never fly Southwest again after the experience. Getty Images for Bentkey Ventures

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