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Sneaky Hack: Here’s A Way To Connect Your Wireless Headphones To Your Airplanes TV

It's still in "beta" mode, but you can now sneakily connect your wireless headphones to some airlines' inflight entertainment systems. Images via Instagram (@nikiasmolina)

(Escape) Forget those uncomfortable complimentary headphones that you have to turn up to 11 to hear any kind of conversation (but then deafen you every time there is an action scene) – there’s now a much easier way to enjoy your inflight entertainment.

Sucking it up and dealing with the cheap headphones provided by your airline (which may or may not have been used by a thousand other people) or painstakingly pushing the jack of your own headphones into the headrest just far enough that it works, but not so far it fills your ears with static, is one of those grim in-flight rituals we’ve just come to accept as part of flying.


But for some airlines, it no longer has to be that way. As an Instagram user called Nikias just pointed out, on airlines like United you can now connect your own wireless headphones to the inflight entertainment system (even though the pairing technology is still, Nikias says, in “beta” mode). How? We’ll allow Nikias to take it from here.



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A post shared by Nikias (@nikiasmolina)

Taking to Instagram this morning, Nikias showed how it is possible to connect your wireless headphones to your seat’s inflight entertainment system using bluetooth. “Airpods users stop scrolling right now,” the video reads.

“You can now connect your airpods to your airplane’s display. Tap on the bluetooth icon. Reset your AirPods. They magically appear [on the screen] so tap on your airpods. You are now connected. Choose a movie. You can also adjust the volume and adjust noise cancellation.”

Nikias captioned the clip: “It’s on beta right now but works perfectly well.” His revelation was labelled a “game-changer” by commenters, with various social media users making remarks like: “Long overdue,” “finally,” “very cool” and “YESS.”

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