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Video: Biden Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre Celebrates Herself For Being A “Queer” Lesbian – As If Anyone Gives A Sh*t About Her Sexual Identity

‘Normal’ people could care less about ‘Lesbian Visibility Week’ or what those like Jean-Pierre do sexually behind close doors


(Summit News) This week’s alphabet celebration belongs to the L’s as it is officially ‘Lesbian Visability Week’ according to the Biden administration, who celebrated by having Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre tout herself while surrounded by a gaggle of other lesbians.

During Tuesday’s supposed press briefing, Jean-Pierre stated “This week is Lesbian Visibility Week, and as the first openly queer person to hold the position of press secretary for the President of the United States, I see every day how important visibility and representation are.”


“As a young, queer woman of color, I felt alone and sometimes invisible,” Jean-Pierre continued.

She then introduced the cast of [yet another] TV show, one called L Word: Generation Q.

Jean-Pierre described the show as a chronicle of “the friendship, the love, the challenges and the triumphs of strong, funny and resilient queer women.”

“For so many people in our community, ‘The L Word’s’ impact cannot be understated. Being able to see diverse narratives that reflect our lives is incredibly important. It is important that young people see characters on television and in the books who they can relate to, and whose life stories and identities inspire them to reach their highest potential,” she further asserted.

Apparently not many others shared that view about L Word: Generation Q, because it was recently cancelled by Showtime.


Nevertheless, the cancelled TV show cast stood diligently as Jean-Pierre blathered about “MAGA extremists want to roll back the visibility and progress we fought so hard to achieve,” while spouting misinformation about Republicans trying to ban books.

Then one of the cast stated “We’re honored to be here today standing beside the first out lesbian press secretary in our history, who serves the most pro-LGBTQI president in our history,” before going on to claim that ‘extremists’ want to commit legislative and actual violence against them, and “erase our stories from classrooms and libraries.”


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