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Video: Biden Pulls A ‘Biden,’ Implies To Troops They Are Going To Ukraine After Previously Saying They Would Not

One has to wonder if Biden ever knows what exactly he says; White House left to clean up his mess



Democrat President Joe Biden’s team had to do damage control on Friday after the president appeared to tell a group of U.S. soldiers in Europe that they would be getting sent to Ukraine.

ABC News reported that Biden “raised eyebrows when he appeared to tell the group that American troops will be going into Ukraine, though he has repeatedly said that he will not send troops there.”

“You know, with the Ukrainian people, Ukrainian people have a lot of backbone, they have a lot of guts and I’m sure you’re observing it,” Biden said. “And you’re gonna see when you’re there, and some of you have been there. You’re gonna see, you’re gonna see women, young people standing, standing in the middle, in front of a damn tank, just saying I’m not leaving. I’m holding my ground. They’re incredible. But they take a lot of inspiration from us.”

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