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Video: Biden Says There Are 54 States, Proving Yet Again He’s Mentally Unfit To Be President

Did Biden forget or was thinking that Russia, Iran, North Korea And China were part of the U.S.?


(OutKick) At times it feels like an exaggeration to say that Joe Biden’s severe mental decline causes him to make mistakes literally every single day.

But with more opportunities to speak thanks to the upcoming midterm elections, Biden has more opportunities for his trademark gaffes and mental lapses.


Just a few days ago, Biden brought up his brief college football career, which would have been fine if he didn’t blatantly lie about why it ended:

That came on the heels of another bewildering incident, where he apologized to no one after a speech and then engaged in bizarre, inappropriately intimate physical contact with attendees.

This time though, Biden reached a new low.

The literal president of the United States forgot how many states there are in the United States.

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