Video: Far-Left Transgender Activists Attack Comedian Alex Stein At ‘Child Trans Rally’ In San Francisco

Stein rightfully pointed out that trans activists want to cut of the genitals of little children

The Post Millennial

(PM.) Far-left lunatics and activists in favor of “trans children” attacked comedian Alex Stein in San Francisco on Saturday. Stein was filming on the street during the rally. Leftists in attendance purported to be advocating for “gender affirming care” which, in reality, is far-left speak for drugging children with puberty blockers and performing child sex changes.

The event was called “Youth Demonstration for Trans Rights” and was publicized on Eventbrite.


In footages from the event, Stein can be seen posing questions to the “progressives” in the crowd such as “What rights do you not have?” and asking them how they are “protecting kids” by cutting off their genitals.

Stein tweeted: “Even tho I was assaulted with Hot Coffee…I still had a blast today at the Child Trans Rally in San Francisco with my buddy @RealJohnDennis” aling with footage of the multiple assaults.


Stein was joined on the street by John Dennis, Chairman of the San Francisco Republican Party. Dennis has been an outspoken critic of “gender affirming care” and he tweeted: “@alexstein99 and I were the only two people there standing against mutilating children. Who will stand with us next time?”

Dennis went on to say: “It was a pleasure to roll with the great @alexstein99. Prime Time has guts! We need more like him.”

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