‘Fat Freezing’ Is A Beauty Treatment Causing Disfigurement In Women



In a move that shocked us and reignited debate about the safety of cosmetic surgery procedures, legendary ’90s supermodel Linda Evangelista recently shared her experience of complications following a fat freezing treatment. In an Instagram post, Evangelista described how she was left “brutally disfigured” and “deformed” when she developed paradoxical adipose hyperplasia (PAH) following a procedure — a risk she says she wasn’t made aware of beforehand.
Procedures like the one Evangelista had freeze fat cells in the body. “Later on your body breaks them down and excretes them through normal systems,” described Dr Munir Somji, founder of Dr MediSpa, on Instagram.
He explained that it actually has a good safety rating in the long term but that there are rare side effects. PHA is what Evangelista experienced and happens when new fat cells grow in the same or other areas of the body once the frozen cells have been broken down, said Dr Somji.

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