FYI: Six Easy Steps For Cooking Rice In Your Microwave Oven


(LifeSavvy) Rice cookers are great, but who needs one extra kitchen appliance taking up valuable cupboard or countertop space? But at the same time, who wants to stand in front of an oven for 50 minutes to cook rice on the stovetop?

What if we told you there was a quicker, less hands-on, and equally efficient way to make rice in your microwave?


And not, we’re not referring to the packs of instant rice you see at the grocery store. All you’ll need is a microwave-safe bowl, microwave-safe cover, and a measuring cup. Well, and a microwave, water, and rice itself, of course. Those are slightly important too.

Follow these six easy steps and you’ll have perfect fluffy rice in the same amount of time it takes a regular countertop rice cooker to make rice:


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