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College Graduate Fights Family Skin Cancer With New Line Of UV Clothing

“A statistic that recently came out from the skin cancer foundation determined that just five sunburns in your life can double your chances to get melanoma.”- Erica Sullivan Feggeler

Pictured: Erica Sullivan Feggeler with her clothing line L.U.V (lowultraviolet).(WDBJ7)

From WDBJ7.com…

May is Melanoma and Skin Cancer Awareness Month. WDBJ7 Meteorologist Catherine Maxwell spoke to a young entrepreneur, with a special connection to the cause.

Erica Sullivan Feggeler is a graduate of Virginia Tech who developed the sun-safe clothing line L U V., a play on words for her company, Low Ultraviolet. Feggeler came up with a way for the younger and older crowd to stay fashionable while protecting their skin from sun damage.


“A lot of what is on the market is geared towards older individuals and I just didn’t feel great wearing those clothing.”

Her brand was started after her mother received a malignant melanoma diagnosis. This persuaded Feggeler to get her first skin check at the age of 21 where she was told she had precancerous biopsies. “I had absolutely no idea skin cancer was something you had to worry about when you are young and in your 20s.”

This led her to have conversations with friends, and soon realized skin cancer is more common than most think.

“And every single conversation I had was people bringing in some form of skin cancer experience saying, ‘Oh I had a family member or a loved one’ and every single conversation I had led me to want to start my own brand to help people be proactive versus reactive in their sun protection.”

Thus the L.U.V clothing line was formed with the main goal to #outshineskincancer. “Outshine skin cancer is our mantra, our motto and what we strive to do every single day.”



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