Senator Kyrsten Sinema’s Rocks Multiple Styles As She Parades Through Congress

Sinema rocks a pastel wig and knee-high white boots. Getty Images


By now we all know the tale of socialist Cinderella, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez hitting the Met Gala red carpet to hobnob with the wealthy and powerful in a pricey couture gown emblazoned with the phrase, “Tax the Rich.

If it was a sartorial effort to show solidarity with her working-class constituents, it only seemed to get “yas kween” snaps from the fancy people inside the fancy museum.

Enter Kyrsten Sinema who basically said, “hold my Keystone Light… and Marlboro Reds.”

This week, the 45-year-old presided over the Senate in a denim vest, looking like Ponyboy’s long lost sister who made manager at JC Penney. It was neither sophisticated nor particularly stylish.

But it showed what the producers of “Roseanne” knew years ago: people like a little working-class grease. And believe it or not, that vest was a lot more relatable to a larger swathe of the country than the elitist gatekeepers would let on.

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