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The LGBTQ Cult: Calvin Klein Ad Of Transgender Man Wearing Bra Goes Viral As Company Jumps On The Bud Light Train

(OutKick) Bud Light is the avatar of the crossover between corporations and gender ideology. But the beer brand is certainly not the extent.

Nor the first.


Wednesday, a 2022 Calvin Klein ad featuring Bappie Kortram, a woman who calls herself a man, in a sports bra resurfaced online to great virality.

Dr. Anastasia Maria Loupis tweeted out the image:

Fox News Digital reported on the response to the now-viral ad, finding users asking if this is Calvin Klein’s “Bud Light moment.”

Of course, users are referencing the Anheuser-Busch fiasco following its association with Dylan Mulvaney in which the beer brand used the latter to celebrate the appropriation of women.

Since, Bud Light has witnessed its market cap decline by some $5 billion following buyer backlash.

Could the Calvin Klein ad prompt a similar reaction? Perhaps.

Already, Target fears a similar fate for its promotion of  “tuck-friendly” bathing suits. Last week, the retailer held an “emergency meeting” asking stores in southern locations to move its LGBTQ Pride merchandise away from the front of their stores to “avoid a Bud Light situation.

It might be too late for Target.

See, the consumer still controls the flow of corporate America. And they’ve spoken: gender appropriation is where they draw the line.

I spoke about this topic on the Fox News podcast From the Kitchen TableThursday. You can hear that conversation here.

Overall, corporations pursued status gain in their support of the trans movement. Thereby they underestimated consumer response, as they so often do.

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