35-Year-Old Florida Single Father Dead Of Heart Attack Days After Receiving Pfizer Vaccine

Anyone who has these vaccines injected into their body is gambling with their life

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A 35-year-old single father is dead because society and his employer coerced him into self-poisoning in order to feed his family.

Mr. Joseph “Joey” Mishkin received his first Pfizer mRNA injection on October 1, according to his aunt, Renée Grossman. He got the shot because of an ultimatum from his employer. The next day, Mr. Mishkin suffered sudden cardiac arrest (heart stopped beating) while hanging around the pool at his newly-purchased home. Paramedics were able to get his heart pumping again upon arrival at the scene. But his heart stopped again in transit to the hospital.

Doctors placed Mr. Mishkin on a ventilator that night. It kept him “technically” alive for several more days. But the damage was done from all the heart stoppages and lack of oxygen to his brain and other organs. Mr. Mishkin passed away on October 12.

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