University Offers Snowflakes A Safe Haven For Those Triggered By Rittenhouse Verdict

Credit: Big League Politics


The University of Michigan Medical School sent out an email offering snowflake students therapy if they were triggered by Kyle Rittenhouse’s acquittal.

“Many of you may have learned of the recent verdict released last Friday, acquittal of all charges, in the Kyle Rittenhouse homicide trial.  Although we know there is a diversity of thought within our community, many are finding it hard to process and understand the verdict that Rittenhouse received,” stated an email addressed to the Michigan Medical Community that was obtained by journalist Brandon Hall.

“As a community, we understand that grace, opportunity for rehabilitation, and leniency are needed in our criminal justice system but there is no role for inconsistency or outcomes that differ based on racial or ethnic bias,” they added, needlessly shoehorning race into a trial in which a white man shot three white assailants.

The email also referenced the Armaud Arbery case, in which a serial burglar was shot during an attempted citizens’ arrest, as something else that may be causing distress among the snowflakes.

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