Oxford Study: Less Than 6% Of “Approved” Medical Drugs Show ‘High-Quality Evidence’ Of Being Beneficial While ‘Harms’ Are Significantly Underreported

The only real surprise is how low the number is

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(Gateway Pundit) According to a newly released study by the University of Oxford, a jaw-dropping 94% of recently approved medications are not supported by high-quality evidence that demonstrates their benefits. What’s more, just like with the experimental Covid-19 ‘vaccines,’ side effects and adverse reactions to these drugs are being severely underreported across the board.

When looking at medical drugs that have been approved since 2008 under the Cochrane reviews – a “leading” international journal and database that is endorsed by over 100 organizations worldwide, including the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) -researchers determined that just 87 of the 1,567 medications (6%) had clinical data that met the “high-quality” standard.

From the Oxford study:


Unbelievably, the majority of these drugs could not even pass the ‘moderate-quality’ review, with over 50% failing to meet the reduced threshold. And yet, consumers have access to these drugs, which are causing unknown and underreported side effects – something that should amount to medical malpractice at the very least. That is – if we lived in a sane, well-functioning society.

One of the study’s authors, Dr. Jeremy Howick, certainly thinks so. Writing about the findings, Dr. Howick deemed the issue worrisome and stressed that, with this happening, ‘informed choice’ about medical treatments is essentially impossible.

From Dr. Howick, via The Epoch Times:


It’s bad enough that these treatments were approved while lacking evidence showing they work, but these experimental drugs are also causing an untold amount of additional damage, with over 1/3 being linked to adverse reactions that are being underreported.

Nearly 10% of the approved medications were found to have “significant evidence of harm.”


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