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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Urges Mainstream Media And Journalists To Do Their Own Research, Report The Truth About The Dangers Of COVID Vaccines

The mainstream media has been pushing a ‘get vaccinated’ narrative while suppressing the side effects, injuries and deaths being reported from the coronavirus vaccines

Credit: Joe Scarnici/Getty Images


Children’s Health Defense (CHD) Board Chair Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. today is calling upon mainstream media to investigate and report on many issues central to the COVID crisis that have either been mischaracterized or suppressed altogether.

This type of journalism at the same time embraces the Pharma/government agenda which silences those who criticize or even question that agenda, all while obscuring the totalitarian impacts of proposed vaccine mandates and passports.

“The cornerstone of any democratic society is freedom,” said Kennedy. “The people of this country should have free speech and the freedom to decide what medical interventions they do or don’t want. Never in our nation’s history have those freedoms been as threatened as they are today.”

Some of the facts that have been inaccurately reported or swept under the rug include:

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