Spike Protein Shedding: What Is It And Why The ‘Unvaccinated’ Should Be Fearful Of The’Vaccinated?’

Credit: The COVID Blog


It’s indisputable fact that mRNA-injected individuals transmit spike proteins via shedding to any and everyone around them, particularly the non-vaxxed.

Pfizer admitted the shedding phenomenon in its own documents. Dr. Luigi Warren, one of the pioneers of injectable mRNA technology, also admitted that shedding is a real phenomenon. We also know that self-disseminating vaccine technology exists that spreads from one human or animal to another just by being in close proximity to a “vaccinated” human or animal.

Fewer people are familiar with the connections between COVID-19, “vaccines” and 5G technology. Mainstream media dismiss all such connections as “conspiracy theory.” But most humans understand that radiation in general is bad for them, specifically because it causes cancer. Fifth generation broadband technology (“5G”) was deployed worldwide from 2019 to 2021 “without investigating the risks to human health and the environment.” It was also deployed while most of Western humanity was locked down in their homes.

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