Vaccine Injured: Healthy 41 Yr. Old Snowboard Instructor Has Heart Problems 5 Days After Moderna Shot – ‘It’s Hard Climbing Up A Flight Of Stairs’

Louie Traub says he got pressured into the jab by government and their BS propaganda

Credit: Twitter


On March 7th, a 41-year-old man who described himself as being previously “healthy” detailed how he suffered an injury from the COVID jab that now has him taking heart medication and struggling to climb up the stairs.

Louie Traub took to Twitter to share the fallout of him succumbing to the social pressures of the jab, writing, “I’m 41 and on now heart medication thanks to Moderna. I used to be healthy, teach snowboarding and climb Colorado’s 14,000-foot peaks. Now, it’s hard climbing up a flight of stairs thanks to #VaccineSideEffects.”

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