Vaccine Victim: Seattle Woman Severely Injured After 2nd Pfizer Shot Finally Speaking Out, Waited Months For Fear Of Being ‘Shamed’

Jessica HeLal is now speaking out on the vaccine and vaccine mandates

Credit: The COVID Blog


Mrs. Jessica HeLal is a mother and wife living through life as the rest of us do. That means she’s navigating her way through 2021 dystopia the best she can. Unfortunately her experience checks nearly every box as to the success of this mass psy-op and perpetual propaganda campaigns.

Mrs. Jessica HeLal told The COVID Blog that she received her first Pfizer mRNA injection on April 23. She suffered no immediate or apparent adverse effects.

Mrs. HeLal said she already had COVID-19, and may have been suffering from “long COVID.” Despite likely having natural immunity, Mrs. HeLal hesitantly received the second injection on May 14. Her entire existence flipped upside down from there.

Mrs. HeLal’s October 5 Facebook update and the comments contain a little bit of everything that is wrong in 2021.

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