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Video: Vaccine Pusher Bill Gates Finally Admits That COVID Shots Don’t Prevent Infection Or Protect The Elderly

Despite promoting mass vaccination, Gates admitted the shots don’t prevent infection, don’t work against new variants and don’t protect the vulnerable

Lowy Institute / YouTube

(LifeSite) Bill Gates, one of the most prominent financial sponsors of vaccine development and production, admitted that the COVID injections do not prevent infections, don’t work against new variants, and therefore do not sufficiently protect the elderly.

During a Monday interview hosted by the Lowy Institute, an Australian thinktank, Gates said that “we also need to fix the three problems with vaccines.” 

“The current [COVID] vaccines are not infection-blocking,” the Microsoft billionaire said. “They’re not broad. So, when new variants come up, you lose protection and they have very short duration, particularly in the people who matter, which are old people, and every one of those things is fixable.” 

He prophesized that “within, I’d say, a decade, we will have a toolset for respiratory pandemics that will be excellent.” 

Gates, as well as other proponents of the COVID injections like Dr. Anthony Fauci, has previously admitted that the COVID shots “only slightly reduce” transmission. Nevertheless, there are still influential people who claim that the COVID injections stop the transmission of the virus, like Harvard Professor Michelle Williams who recently falsely claimed that the shots protect “against transmission” during a World Economic Forum (WEF) panel discussion. Williams was not corrected by the moderator or any of the other panelists. 

Moreover, the billionaire mentioned a “blocker” that “you can inhale” that could allegedly prevent people from getting infected with certain viruses in the future. 

Gates also commented on the Russia-Ukraine war and surprisingly admitted that “the Ukrainian government is one of the worst in the world, you know, corrupt, controlled by a few rich people.” 

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