8 Great Trees That Provide For Low-Maintenance Landscaping

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Your yard is begging for a nice tree to lend shade and color to your existing landscape. However, before running out to your local nursery and grabbing the first sapling that catches your eye, it’s important to know how the tree will grow over the years.

“In order to choose what trees to plant in your home, first consider your site’s conditions, advises Stephen McFarlane, Regional Landscape Manager at Sandals Resorts International. “Make sure the tree you’d like to plant can survive in your climate and ensure you have suitable soil conditions for it to prosper. Sun exposure, wind, and drainage are also important considerations in regards to proper site conditions.”

Once you’ve determined the function of your tree (i.e. do you want the tree to provide flowers or must it provide evergreen shade all year long), you should consider the maintenance.

Some trees drop messy fruit and nuts, while others have invasive root systems that can disturb your yard and home’s foundation. Here are eight trees that are low maintenance, adapt to a wide variety of soil types, and grow in a range of light conditions:

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