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Interior Designers, Builders Seeing Requests For ‘Pet Design’ On The Rise


It was bound to happen. Interior designers, builders and people with money who love their pets have come together like a supernova celestial event.

Forbes magazine has published an extraordinary piece by Jamie Gold that examines the lengths these populations will go to in making pets “happy.”


This new trend goes far beyond what some readers may have seen previously, which are end tables that are also Stickley-styled pet crates for confining pets while one is away.

Consider custom feeding stations built by cabinetmakers to accommodate the aged pet that eats lying down, or the cat that wants complete privacy while dining for just two examples. How about plumbing built over the water bowl for easy filling?
Let’s go a step further and consider custom furniture for pets. That’s right, the dimpled plastic your grandmother put on her sofa to guard against cat hair and make the rest of the family feel clammy is long gone. Now furniture is custom made to scale for the size of the pet. They are upholstered with specialized fabrics that are easy to clean. Even the interior padding is selected to be nontoxic should your pet become nervous and decide to dine on the material.

This column previously featured a discussion of pet windows built into otherwise solid fences. The holes are sized for what people assume is appropriate socialization with pets passing by but have welded steel wire mesh incorporated to prevent the canine equivalent of a face-to-face bar room brawl.

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