Christmas List? The Hottest Toys Of 2021 And How Much They Cost

Toys“R”Us and Macy’s released a list of the 75 hottest toys of 2021

The Play-Doh Rise N’ Surprise Cake Playset is one of the top toys on "Geoffrey's Hot Toy List." It currently costs $20.99 on the Macy's website. (Macy's)


On Monday, Toys”R”Us and Macy’s released a list of the top 75 toys of the season — “Geoffrey’s Hot Toy List” –, which includes dollhouses, toy cars, scooters and board games.

According to the announcement, the collection has toys “inspired by popular characters, items that bring families together and toys that stimulate imagination and interactive play across several age groups.”

“We’re so excited to kick off the most magical time of the year with the coolest and most sought-after toys of the season,” Roberson Keffer, Macy’s resident toy expert, said in a statement.

“We’ve teamed up with Geoffrey from Toys”R”Us to identify the top play trends and make it easier than ever to find toys every kid will love this year, spreading joy and delight to families and kids of all ages.”

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