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To Judge Or Not To Judge? This Mother Gave Up Cooking For Her Young Kids, Hasn’t Made A Meal In Two Years

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I stopped cooking for my family about two years ago. It may have coincided with the beginning of the pandemic when I stopped grocery shopping and my husband took it over with ordering everything online — but I have a feeling it had already begun way before then.

It’s been great.

Well, maybe not for my kids. Sometimes, they ask me what’s for lunch or dinner and I just look at them blankly, like what are you asking me for? You have a father and he is also in this house! Also — you know how to cook a small variety of foods! Our house is full of food! Go forage something to eat!

Inevitably, they look at me somewhat mournfully and figure something out.

Look at them, applying their problem solving skills at such a young age! I’m so proud.

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