FYI: Here’s How To Save Some Money By Making Your Own Pets Food

Depending on your pet, you could save thousands annually

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Having a pet can be one of life’s greatest joys. So, it makes sense to take care of your furry pal as best as you can, including the type of food you provide.

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The types of premade pet food run from generic bags of chow to freshly cooked food. Low-quality chow, packed with preservatives and fillers, is akin to the worst junk food diet, and higher-quality dry pet food can make a dent in your wallet. Although companies offering fresh pet food options are becoming more and more common, committing to a steady diet of this healthy fare for your pet can put a considerable strain on your budget.

One solution is to make your own pet food. If you do it right, the result will be healthier and cheaper pet food than any of the premade options — so let’s explore.

Advantages of Making Your Own Pet Food

“The biggest advantage is the ability to treat some of the most common pet ailments through nutrition rather than medications,” said Denice Subach, author and creator of Senior Dog Days.

Subach is the proud owner of a 15-year-old senior dog named Frodo who she has been making homemade dog food for since 2016.

“Before our family made the decision to make our own homemade food, it seemed like our dog was always on steroids and medicated shampoos for his itchy skin, waxy ears, and seasonal hot spots. All those skin problems (and vet bills) went away with his homemade diet, which is exactly why we continued.”

She continued, “Additionally, now that our dog is 15 years old, we can make batches of food that include more anti-inflammatory vegetables, known for their power to calm the effects of arthritis. We use our dog’s bi-annual blood work results as a guide for introducing new ingredients.”

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