FYI: These Are The Most Searched For Breeds And Pets On Google


Have you ever wondered what dog breeds are the most popular when it comes to Google searches? How about the most popular pet? With the help of Google Trends, we have learned some fascinating details about what people are searching for when it comes to dogs, pets, and even the how tos of pet ownership.

So if you have ever been curious about what breeds are the most popular in different states or which pets in general have been the most searched in each state, have no fear because Google Trends has the answer! (And of course so do we because they sent them our way.)


Let’s start off by going over the top dog breeds being searched for and then we can give deeper into all the other things people are searching for when it comes to pets and pet ownership. (And just in case you were wondering, this is one year’s worth of data compiled between April 28, 2021 and April 27, 2022.)


When it comes to dog breeds being searched on Google, the top four breeds are:

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