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Despicable!! Deadspin And Woke Sports Media Falsely Label 5 Yr. Old A ‘Racist’ For Wearing Blackface

Only those looking for hate see hate

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(OutKick) Social media users and sports writers say they are outraged over a little kid at the Kansas City Chiefs game wearing an Indian headdress and black face paint.

Dan Le Batard shared a tweet saying the kid contradicted the NFL’s vow to “end racism” by attending the game. Other users have called for the child to be banned from future matchups. A dollar-store-Jemele-Hill named Carron J. Phillips at Deadspin demanded the NFL act.


And act swiftly.:

Phillips did not respond to an OutKick request for comment. We will update this story if he does.

The consensus among the outrage crowd is that the boy committed “double racism” by culturally appropriating the black and Native American communities. And that he’s a vile racist for doing that.

But here are some facts:

The kid is not wearing “blackface.” The Deadspin article is purposely deceiving.

As several fans in attendance noted, the other half of his face is painted red. You can see a glimpse of the color pattern below:


Fans have used double face paint during games to support their teams since the inception of sports. It happens at every stadium, in support of every team.

Cowboys fans paint their faces blue and silver. Vikings fans paint their face purple and gold. Jets fans paint their faces green and white. Likewise, Steelers fans paint their faces black and gold.


Yet because the Chiefs’ secondary color is more ambiguous — yellow? — fans understandably default to stock colors, like black or white.

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