Report: Power Struggle Among Biden Staff Over Israel-Hamas War Threatening His Reelection Hopes

(Breitbart) Reported infighting among White House aides over the administration’s position on the Israel-Hamas war threatens President Joe Biden’s 2024 reelection hopes.

The internal power struggle suggests the Biden administration will go into an election year alienating half the Democrat Party, raising concerns that likely GOP nominee former President Donald Trump will reclaim the White House.


Numerous aides and allies inside and outside the White House told the Washington Post that Biden’s support of Israel’s defensive measures against Hamas is “dividing a White House that has prided itself on running a disciplined and united operation.”

White House senior officials worry that if Israel continues to destroy Hamas the politically divisive issue could spill over into the 2024 presidential campaign.

“[T]he longer the conflict goes on, the more harmful it will be for Biden politically and diplomatically. … U.S. officials remain hopeful that the conflict will not stretch into the heart of the 2024 campaign,” the Post reported.


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