Poll Says With Olympics Going ‘Woke’, They’ll Most Likely Go Broke With Viewership, Ratings

US Women’s soccer team taking a knee is a prime example of why fans have tuned out


Last week, marketing research firm, Zeta Global, polled Americans about the Olympics and discovered the majority aren’t excited to watch the games this year.

“More than 60% of Americans were unable to express excitement or interest in the summer games, and at least 45% of Americans confirmed they are NOT looking forward to the games in any capacity,” the company found. This led it to predict this year’s Olympics will be the lowest-watched of the 21st century.

Meanwhile, another research group, Ipsos, conducted polling on Olympics enthusiasm by party affiliation and discovered that only 29% of Republicans are interested in watching the games, compared to 39% of Democrats.

It also found that fewer than a third of Americans (32%) believe that Olympic athletes should be allowed to engage in political protests, including kneeling or wearing messages on their uniforms. Finally, Ipsos’ survey showed a majority of those polled feel that a positive performance from U.S. athletes generally makes them proud to be American.

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